The Borderline Walk 2016

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Walk Day Schedule:

  9:00 am:  Registration Begins - Arrive Early!
10:00 am:  KickOff Ceremonies
10:30 am:  Official Walk Start
12:00 pm:  Walk ends

The walk is 5k long and should take between 45-60 minutes depending on your pace. However, no pressure, if you can walk the full 5k great! If not then walk whatever distance you feel comfortable with and enjoy the day! You can even run the distance if you like!

Where is the walk:

The walk will take place on the Sunnyside boardwalk in Etobicoke along the shores of Lake Ontario. For location details and map please see Event Information page.

Registration costs:

Until May 8, 2016 - $25 per walker
By May 28, 2016 - $30 per walker
Walk in (on day of walk) - $35 per walker
A student discount of $5 applies to all of the above 

Early Bird All those who registered by May 8 will be entered in the early bird draw prize: a $200 Credit Card gift card.

Our Fundraising Goal:




Come out and support our cause!

Our mission is to lead a mental health transformation by promoting awareness for the need of early prevention, recognition, timely intervention and access to affordable treatment of individuals with emotion dysregulation.

Through our efforts, we will bring positive changes to promote individual resiliency and a more supportive environment for those impacted by emotion dysregulation.

For more details on the work and activities of the Sashbear Foundation, please view our website at

Can't make it to the walk? you can still support the cause by donating or pledging a participant or team!

For participants that would like to collect offline pledges you can find an offline pledge form here.

Who will be there

Our kick off ceremonies will start at 10:00 am and include keynote speaker Dr Blaise Aguirre, Medical Director of McLean 3East and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Local musician Michelle Ronchin aka R. Shelley will be performing a new song she wrote for this year's walk.  Joining us for the third straight year will be musicians Matt Elder and Rob Hughes who will be performing during the event.

Dr. Aguirre said this about the walk:
“Overcoming stigma means overcoming the fear of judgment. Judgment is born and bred out of ignorance and it is compassionate curiosity together with knowledge that will overcome ignorance. The Sashbear Borderline Walk is the living manifestation of overcoming this fear. The ever-growing number of supporters is a testament to courage.”...and is inviting people and organizations to join him and participate in this incredible event, watch his message in video below!

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Video and pictures from Borderline Walk

Here is a great video from last year's walk by cinematographer Jared Lorenz who captured so beautifully the spirit of the walk in this video entitled "Save Your Life" from the title song of the same name by R. Shelley:

And here are a few links to pictures from last year's walk. Just click on the images below:


The Borderline Walk in the news...

There was extensive media coverage during last year's walk including The Toronto Star, and TV coverage on CBC The National and on CTV's W5 "Emotional Rescue" episode. For media videos and stories Read more...


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create or join a fundraising team?
You can create a fundraising team when you register.  Just register as Team Walker and select "Create" or "Join" team.

I already registered. Can I still join a fundraising team?
No worries.  You can join a fundraising team even after you have registered as an individual walker.  Simply login using the username and password you setup when you registered.  Once logged in click on your name and select the "Group Management" dropdown menu option.  From there you can search for a team and join.

I already registered. Can I still create a fundraising team?
You cannot create a new team after you have registered.  However you can ask someone that has not yet registered and would like to part of your team to register and create the team for you. If that's not possible please send us an email at and we can create the team for you.  In the email just tell us the name of your team and who should be the captain, then we will reply back to you once the team has been created.

How do I add a cash or cheque pledge to my fundraising page?
For cheque or money order donations you can mail cheque or money order payable to The Sashbear Foundation at 25 Hartfield Rd, Etobicoke, ON, M9A 3C8 and indicate which team or member is being pledged. For donations/pledges over $10, please include full name and address of the individual making the donation to allow tax receipt to be issued. Alternatively, you can bring cheques and/or money order pledges on the day of the walk. Cash donations will only be processed on the day of the walk. Please bring an envelope with your cash or pledge donations to the registration table on the day of the walk and include the fully printed name and address of each person making pledges and the amount of the pledge - Thank You!

Can I get a tax receipt for my donation/pledge?
Yes. The Sashbear Foundation is a Canadian registered charity under registration number 8233 90042 RR0001. Tax receipts will be given for donations/pledges over $10.

I don't have a PayPal account, can I pay using my Credit Card?
Yes, PayPal allows payment directly from a Credit Card even if you don't have a PayPal account. Simply click on the option "Don't have a PayPal Account?" on the "Choose a way to Pay" PayPal page and you will be directed to a page where you can enter your credit card info and pay. Please see screens below:

Select "Don't have Paypal Account?" from 1st page:

Enter Credit Card information onto second page:

If you have any other questions please send us an email at

Happy fundraising!!

The Sashbear Team


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— Mother Teresa
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